Why Make Dua?!

Why Make Dua?!

One day, my mom returned from work and left her car keys and her mug on top of the table as she usually does. Sometimes, she leaves it close to the door, and other times, she keeps it in her purse. She went about her day as she usually does.

Later on, she had to put something back in her car, but she noticed her keys were missing. They were not on the table, and they were not on the counter. They were nowhere in sight. My mom was freaking out because the chain had the keys to the house, car, mail, and more. She started looking everywhere.

First, she went to her car in case she accidentally locked it, but it wasn’t there. She triple checked her purse, and she cleaned all the rooms upstairs and downstairs. However, the keys were no where in sight. She also made a dua, “INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ILAYHI RAJIUN”, and she also prayed during her salah.

When I found out that she lost her keys, I also made the same dua instantly and also prayed during my dhuhr salah. I helped her look for it, but I did not find it either. Afterward, it was time for asr prayer again, and I still made the same dua.

Suddenly, I remembered afterwards that my aunt came to visit. I thought, “Maybe they took it”. I shared the bizarre thought with my mom, and she said there is no way since my aunt visited for literally five minutes. My mom and aunt do not even drive the same care. I said to my mom that it would not hurt to ask, so she called my aunt.

Unexpectedly, when my aunt checked her purse, she found the keys. She told my mom that she must’ve grabbed it as she was rushing out and that she would come back to return it to her. 

Subhan’Allah (Glory be the Allah)! The reason why I wanted to share this instance is because it was a huge learning lesson about making dua. It may be hard to believe, but when you need your prayers answered, you should always turn to Allah (SWT) and have patience. No one would have even thought that my aunt took the keys, and the only reason I thought of it was because I made dua. If you ever are going through something, make sure to make dua first, and remain patient because Allah (SWT) will always be there for you. Also, it is important to thank Allah (swt) afterwards for fulfilling your duas. May we always have Allah (SWT) on our minds. Ameen.

Comment down below and instance where your dua was answered instantly!

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