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What Do I Do if My Parents Are Forcing Me to Read the Quran?

What Do I Do if My Parents Are Forcing Me to Read the Quran?

 I think it is best if you sit down with your parents and have a discussion. Let them know how them forcing you to read Quran is straining your relationship with the Quran. The prophet (saw) never forced anyone to do anything, and that is how it should be. Islam is simple and beautiful and the way to get closer to the Quran and Islam should be on your own terms. I do believe that you should dedicate everyday to practice reading Quran, but don’t stress yourself out. Some days, you should read a page, but even if you don’t have time, reading even one verse a day will help you get closer to Allah (swt). We should always make time for our Creator who created time. I learned this from experience because I used to force myself to read a certain number of pages a day, and all it did was stress me out and made me frustrated. I thought to myself…the Quran is meant to do the complete opposite. One of my friends told me to start reading however much I felt. Some days, it was a page and some days it was one verse. This made me even close to the Quran, and much more in peace. Remember, from one verse, your can learn so much. Ponder about its meaning. I hope that this helps, and I pray that your parents allow you to practice your faith in a way that brings your peace and tranquility. 

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