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Is What I Did Haram?

Q: Once in school, my Muslim friend got in trouble for doing something to another kid. Then, a few days later, he had a conversation with that kid, and he told me that the kid called him something very bad. But I was nowhere near them when this was happening, and this is all he told me about what happened, even though he could have been lying. Then he tells me that if any teacher asks me about that conversation, then I have to tell the teacher that the kids called him a bad word. So the next day, the teacher asked me if I had heard anything between then and then, and I said what my friend told me to say. Does this count as a false witness? Keep in mind that I’m Baligh, and my sins are being recorded. The only reason I told the teacher what my friend wanted me to say was to get him out of trouble and because he is a very good friend of mine. So please, is this haram, and what can I do to erase that sin? Keep in mind that I did the most sincere tobah I ever did a few months after that, so does that mean the sin is cleaned and wiped off my book? And also, let’s say Allah erases that sin; will he still ask about it on the basis of judgment?

A: Remember that Allah (swt) is the most forgiving, most merciful, and yes since you did not witness it, it may have been best not to comment. However, we are all humans and we all make mistakes daily. Do not beat yourself up. The fact that you feel guilty and are repenting shows that you are firm in your faith and are trying to do good. Remember that Allah (swt) is kind and only asks you to repent and learn from your mistake, which it looks like you have. Don’t worry, learn and move on because no one is perfect.

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