Are Duas Hopeless?!

Are Duas Hopeless?!

One day, my brother and I were planning to take my parents to a nice restaurant for the holidays. We told them that we wanted to surprise them, so we did not tell them where we were taking them. We were all excited and headed out.

Once we arrived at the restaurant, the parking lot was really full. My brother and I decided that we would go and get the table ready while they found parking. I called the restaurant but received terrible news: “Your reservation is canceled”. They were so busy that they had canceled our reservation. My brother and I were in freak out mode because my parents were already looking for parking. We also did not want to disappoint them. At this point, we had no clue what to do.

We both decided to stay calm, pray, and call the restaurant back. We let them know that we already placed a payment and made a reservation earlier. They apologized, but we still pleaded. Then, they said to check back in five minutes. Even though we sensed a bit of hopelessness, my brother and I still did not give up hope. We called back, and something amazing happened….

Our reservation was confirmed! Alhamdulillah! We both could not believe it! In our minds, there was no way that they would have a spot open for us after seeing how busy it was. My parents also found parking, and we headed in with them. We all had a wonderful time, and my parents never even found out about the issue. 

The reason why I wanted to share this instance is because even though it seemed like a small issue, it taught my brother and I to always remain calm and have hope in Allah (SWT) no matter how small or large the situation might be. You may be experiencing issues in your life that may seem impossible to get out of, but if you place your trust in Allah (SWT), He will always help you through any situation!!! Comment if you have ever had a similar experience! Also, the Dua below will help you in situations like this. May we always put our trust in Allah (SWT)! Ameen!

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4 months ago

Let one of you ask his Lord for his needs, all of them, even for a shoestring when his breaks.”
Source: Sunan al-Tirmidhī 3973