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Does God Exist?

I know it’s not the right thing to do, but is God really real? I’m still a Muslim, but lately all the struggling I’ve been through has made me doubt His existence.

The fact that you are saying you believe in Allah (swt) shows that you are a true believer! 🙂 Always remember that Allah (swt) will never make you go through something you cannot bear. Think about it. All this pain will make you stronger. If we did not have any pain, how would we know what ease is…. This reminds us of how fortunate we are for days we do not go through any difficulties. May Allah (swt) strengthen your faith and bring you ease iA. 🙂

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3 months ago

If its ok i will comment because you did not really answer his question : how to prove the existence of god :

muslim gap
3 months ago
Reply to  Alak

thanks for the feedback

muslim gap
3 months ago
Reply to  muslim gap

There are multiple ways of explaining; not just one. 🙂