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Ate Pork Accidentally

I came to France, and I had never eaten pork before, but by mistake I bought some food that had pork in it. I did not know, as I don’t read French, but I really feel bad, and I am not sure what I should do now. I feel pain in my heart and soul.

 I live in America and this also happened to me. I took a bite of a sandwich once and then I realized it had bacon. I spit it out as soon as possible, and I also started to cry because of the guilt. I did make dua, but I still felt guilty. My siblings then reminding me that it was a mistake, and all humans make mistakes. We have to remember that Allah (swt) is the most forgiving the most merciful. It is the way that we react to these situations that will test us. If I knowingly knew that it was pork, and continued to eat it, that would be a sin. However, since we both stopped and made dua, I believe it is a lesson we both learned: Islam is a religion of peace where we have the most Forgiving Creator.

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