Why Should I Even Bother Making Dua if Allah Doesn’t Seem to Care?

Why Should I Even Bother Making Dua if Allah Doesn’t Seem to Care?

I’m writing this after getting denied my study visa for the second time. You know I have been praying all salah on time. I have been praying tahajjud every other night for a year or more. Also, I have behaved well and tried not to sin. I left friends or groups of people that were toxic. I do try to follow most of the sunnah of our Beloved prophet Pbuh. But still I don’t know why I am stuck in life.

I have been through this in my life and have experienced it and now I would like to share it with everyone else out there.

I get so many questions. I’m glad you all ask!!

Why should I even bother making Dua if Allah doesn’t seem to care?

 Many of us struggle with it at times. Trust me, I’ve been there too. At times, making dua feels futile. We wonder if Allah even cares. It’s like this dark cloud of doubt hovers over us, and it’s hard to see through it. But let me assure you, Allah does care. He cares more than you can imagine.

Think about it this way: if you’re a true believer, which I believe you are, then Allah’s care for you is beyond measure. He wouldn’t have blessed you with faith if He didn’t love you. It’s as simple as that. Sometimes it might seem like His care is veiled or distant, but that’s just a test. Remember, life itself is a test, and Allah tests those He loves the most.

Take a moment to reflect on the concept of Jannah (Paradise). It’s described as a place of eternal bliss, where all your desires are fulfilled. But entering Jannah isn’t a walk in the park. It requires effort and perseverance. This life is a test of your faith, your conviction, your trust in Allah, your patience, and your gratitude.

Look at the stories of the prophets, those beloved by Allah. Take Ibrahim (peace be upon him), for example. He was faced with the daunting prospect of being thrown into a fire, yet his trust in Allah never wavered. He knew that Allah was sufficient for him, the best of helpers. And indeed, Allah didn’t let him down. Even in the midst of the flames, Ibrahim found tranquillity because of his unwavering faith.

Allah promises in the Quran that He will make a way out for those who fear Him and provide for them from sources they couldn’t even imagine. Trust me, the Arabic verses convey so much more depth and emotion than any translation can capture.

So, my friend, don’t lose hope. Yes, Allah will test you, but He will never burden you with more than you can bear. Keep positive thoughts about Him, trust in Him, have faith that He loves you, and know that He’s testing you for a reason.

But here’s the thing: are you doing your part? Are there things in your life that might be distancing you from Allah? Sins, perhaps? Remember, we’re all sinners, but acknowledging our weaknesses and turning to Allah for help is the essence of faith.

When times get tough, don’t withdraw from Allah; turn to Him even more fervently. Shaytaan (Satan) wants you to feel hopeless, but that’s not who you are as a believer. Even if you feel like you’re drowning in despair, make dua with all your heart. Allah loves it when we show our vulnerability and dependence on Him.

I’ll be honest with you; there are times when I’ve complained to Allah, feeling like He doesn’t care. Deep down, I know He does, but in my moments of weakness, I just pour out my heart to Him. It’s not the best approach, I’ll admit, because it lacks trust, patience, and gratitude. But hey, we’re all human, right? Allah knows what’s in our hearts anyway, so it’s not like we can hide our true feelings from Him.

But here’s a word of caution: never complain about Allah to anyone else. It’s disrespectful and could anger Him. Allah is the only one who can truly help us, so He’s the one we should turn to, always.

And if you want to earn Allah’s love, follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Every aspect of his life, every sunnah (tradition) he left behind, is beloved to Allah. By emulating him, you’re sure to earn Allah’s pleasure.

In the end, it boils down to love. Allah loves us, and if we truly love Him, we’ll follow the path He’s laid out for us. As the Quran says, “If you love Allah, then follow me (the Prophet Muhammad). Allah will love you and forgive your sins.”

I hope this answer has shed some light on your question. May Allah forgive any mistakes in my words and make them beneficial for all. Amen. Remember, there is none worthy of worship except Allah, and Muhammad is His final messenger.


In the end – trusting in the plan that Allah has set for each of us. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we aim for something. For example, like getting a study visa, a job etc. But, deep down, we start questioning if it’s truly meant for us. Maybe, just maybe, that path isn’t the best one for our faith and well-being.

In these uncertain times, we need to turn to our faith. We must seek guidance (Dua for guidance) through simple yet powerful practices. One key aspect is seeking forgiveness. This involves sending blessings and making supplications. These acts aren’t just rituals. They’re paths to strengthen our connection with the Divine. Imagine, even during mundane activities like sitting or walking. Keeping our tongues busy with these adhkaar can bring us closer to Allah.

Yet, what if despite our efforts, doors seem to remain closed? It’s a humbling reminder that perhaps there are sins in our lives acting as barriers. But fear not, for recognizing this is the first step towards rectifying our paths.

Consider this: even if we do many good deeds. But, if our hearts are burdened with unaddressed wrongs, it’s like filling a leaky bucket. The effort is there, but the impact is limited.

Now, here’s the essence. We add these simple yet profound practices to our daily lives. This invites immeasurable blessings. It’s not just about achieving worldly goals. It’s about nurturing our souls and aligning our paths with Allah’s plan.

So, my dear readers, let’s embark on this journey together. Let’s trust in Allah’s plan, seek His forgiveness, and strive to walk the path of righteousness. In doing so, we’ll find our lives blessed beyond measure, Inshallah

With faith and hope,

Arish Husain

For more of Arish Husain’s work, visit salatallayl.com

Allah hu Akbar!

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