What Does Islam Mean to You?

What Does Islam Mean to You?

When I asked non-Muslim students at UCLA what they know about Islam, some mentioned prayer and making pilgrimage, but two answers were most common: “Islam requires women to wear hijab” or “It had tons of rules and rituals”.

When one looks up “Islam” in the dictionary, this is the definition he/she will find: “the religion of the Muslim, a monotheistic faith revealed through Muhammad the prophet of Allah.” To many Muslims, Islam is more than a religion and the only way to find out what it means to them is to ask.

For some Muslims, Islam is everything and serves as a manual for life. Islam provides a connection with God every minute of the day, not only in times of need–seeking God’s blessings and mercy while interacting with people, studying or even having lunch.

Ultimately, Islam is a source of guidance and comfort, teaching us how to be at peace with ourselves, our surroundings and our Creator, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful, Allah.

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Yahya Saleem
1 year ago


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