What a Waste of Food!

What a Waste of Food!

The other day, my brother and I decided to go out for dinner to a Korean BBQ joint. There is this place in our neighborhood that has black pepper chicken and rice bowls, and it is delicious! We usually both finish all our food, but we both had some left over this day. 

We felt bad because we both left too little to save for later, so it made sense to throw it away. However, we both feel guilty about wasting food. Right when we were about to toss it in the garbage, we thought of an idea to combine our leftovers and leave it at a bus stop. We thought that at least this way, it would not be a waste if someone ended up eating it.

That is exactly what we did. We left it at a bus stop and went grocery shopping for about thirty minutes. As we were walking back home, we passed by the bus stop and noticed someone sitting there. We were both so happy because the individual was eating the food we had left. This made us both happy because it was very cold that day, and we were glad that we chose to leave the food at the bus stop. We both did not say anything and just smiled at each other.

The reason why I am sharing this story is because it taught us not to waste food. In the Quran, it says “ And do not waste, for God does not love the wasteful. [Quran 6:141].” Even though the amount of food may be little, it may be enough to make someone else’s day. I challenge you to try this. Next time you go to a restaurant and have leftovers, give it to a homeless person, or even leave it at a bus stop. May Allah (swt) bless you all for your efforts. Ameen.

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1 year ago

True. Wasting food is not good. It is the practice of a pampered people. People that dont care about others. That is why I have a dog. Just like the people of the cave had a dog, just like God said in chapter 5 that you must train your dog in hunting, and just like another verse in the book where God describes the example of a person that detaches himself from the quran and ends up just like a dog “I need I want I need I want”