Lost and Found…Money?!!!

Lost and Found…Money?!!!

During Ramadan, my brother and I went for a walk one day. It was a beautiful sunny day, and I wanted to get a manicure. My brother had kept some tip money in his pocket, and as we were walking, he noticed that one of the dollars was missing. He looked in his pockets and realized that he dropped it on the way. We tried retracing our steps, but in the end, we gave up. When I finished getting my manicure, I still felt bad because we gave less tip to the nail lady. Nevertheless, we went about our day. 

Two days later, my brother and I went on our daily walk again. As we were walking, I noticed a bill on the floor. I picked it up and could not believe it. I first thought it was just a dollar, but it was twenty dollars! We could not believe it because we had just lost one dollar a few days ago, and now we found more on the floor.

The reason why I am sharing this story is because it reminded us that Allah never takes something away from you except that he gives you something in return. In Surah Al Anfal, it mentions that Allah (SWT) will give you something better than what has been taken from you. Maybe someone who needed money found the dollar that my brother lost. Maybe Allah (SWT) made their dua come true when we lost the money on the floor. 

It is important to always reflect on moments like this and thank Allah (SWT) for all the hidden blessings that He sends our way. He provides us with infinite blessings everyday, and we will never be able to count them all. May Allah (SWT) continue to shower us all with blessings, and may he also use us to fulfill other people’s duas. Comment down below where something was taken from you, but you received something better in return!

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