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Is Swearing Haram?

I sometimes say holy cow or crap whenever something shocking happens. I used these words because they are used instead of a swear word, as this wouldn’t be considered swearing. But I want to know: is this still haram?

You should always try your best not to curse or use bad language. Yes, these words are not as bad as some other curse words, but they still have a negative connotation. Remember that Islam teaches us to use kind words and to speak eloquently. If you use them accidentally, of course, we are also taught that Allah (swt) forgives. However, if you try to stop using these words, iA you will gain even more reward because you are doing it for the sake of Allah (swt). Remember that Muslims should neither curse each other as narrated Samurah Ibn Jundub (RA) that Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said: “Do not curse one another, invoking the curse of Allah or Wrath of Allah or the fire of Hell” (Tirmidhi). The act of cursing is such that one who does it can himself become a recipient of it.

“And they who turn away from ill sppech.” [Quran 23:3]

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8 months ago

Good article!

Sadly I see this too much on Muslim social media. Takfir, calling others M***f*q, K****r, M****r*k and even subtle insinuations of similar horrendous fates “I hope you are raised up with them” etc. can all have such darkness in them. We must always strive to be kind to our Brothers and Sisters in Adl-Qibla despite sectarian differences and not repel outsiders from Islam by condemning them pre-emptively. Allah knows best and let’s not forget, is the Most Wise, the Most Merciful.

I think then non-Akhira related swear words relating to crass material realities are less bad, and softer versions of those are preferable. It can be difficult to not make exclamations of any negative sort when one is suddenly injured, stubbing a toe, burning the mousaka etc. To achieve a total purity of speech we must strive to purity the heart and attain perpetual taqwa, may Allah swt make it easy for us, insha’Allah.

8 months ago

Thank you so much for sharing!