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Is It Haram to Listen to Music? Why?

Q: Is It Haram to Listen to Music? Why?

A: Scholars who do not agree with the absolute prohibition of singing and music believe that there is not enough textual evidence or clearly conclusive evidence to support a complete prohibition. They also argue that singing and music do not always lead to more sinful activity. These scholars also maintain that as long as the content is appropriate and is not accompanied by other forbidden activities, then the music is acceptable. These “other forbidden activities” then present another point of contention. Mufti Menk has also stated that some scholars believe there is certain permissibility in music such as Islamic songs or the use of the duff, a one-sided drum. But he is strictly against the musical industry as a whole and believes it to be unclean. He also makes a statement that says, “Those scholars who say that music is allowed within a certain scope… none of them say that the musical industry of today is permissible.”

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4 months ago

I believe music isn’t forbidden and there some scholars believe so it. But I do agree mufti menk on music Industry being corrupt/unclean as their many evidence showcasing the evil of music industry.

Muslim Gap!
4 months ago
Reply to  Vessel

thanks for your reply! I totally agree:)