Did it Happen Randomly, or Was it a Miracle???!!!

Did it Happen Randomly, or Was it a Miracle???!!!

I live with my parents and recently, we got a new manager. He implemented a new rule where families have a limit on how many cars they are allowed to park in the parking lot. Because of this, my mom was no longer allowed to park in the handicap section in our garage. (My mom has arthritis in her legs, so she has a lot of trouble walking). 

Everyday, my mom started parking on the street. This made it very difficult for her because we live on the third floor of our apartment building, so it took her twice as long to get home. Sometimes, it would also take her forever to find parking, so she would have to park far away. For months, my mom complied with this new rule. Then something amazing happened.

One day, my neighbor came knocking at our door and told us that he saw my mom’s struggles. He said that he spoke with the manager because he had an extra parking spot. He told my mom that she no longer had to park on the street and could now park in his spot. My mom was so happy that she thanked him and moved her car back to the garage. 

That night at around 3am, my family and I were awoken by a huge noise. It sounded like a bad crash outside. When I looked out the window, I saw a car quickly zoom off. We all went back to bed because it was late, but when we woke up in the morning, we saw that the car ended up hitting two parked cars and damaged them so badly. There were car parts everywhere….

I wanted to share this story because that is exactly where my mom used to park her car. It was crazy how that day, my mom brought her car into our garage, because if she had not, that would have been her car that was hit. We thanked Allah (swt) because we knew this could not have been random. 

A lot of times, Allah (swt) saves us from disasters that we fail to notice. We should thank Allah (swt) everyday for saving us from so many issues that we not only notice, but also from situations that we fail to recognize. May Allah (swt) always watch out for us. Ameen.

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