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  • Someone asked:
    What did you use to make this website? Can you share your tech stack? Jazakallah!
    • Someone asked:
      Salam. While your last name is certainly from the East, your first name isn't. Why is that?!
      • Someone asked:
        I'm interested in Islam, but from my perspective Islam and Christianity (or most religions) are both based in faith. How is a person who wants to believe in some religion supposed to choose? I've asked this before and most Muslims just quote the Quran. (Which I understand, because of course it makes sense for the Muslim, as they believe the Quran is the truth which it may be) But I'm sure a Christian would do the exact same thing with the bible! To believe in the words of the Quran I have to have ALREADY chosen to believe in Islam over Christianity, which is my dilemma in the first place! Please help.
        • Michelle Schafieh replied:
          Salaam, I'm so glad that you are interested in both Islam and Christianity. Before you accept any, I think you should visit both a church and a mosque and talk to a chaplain. I think it is important to research the principles because they aren't the same for both religions. Personally, in my opinion, Islam makes the most sense because we as Muslims, believe in all the prophets. We believe they were all messengers sent to spread the message of God. The main difference in Christianity and Islam is that we believe that God is only One. Thus, he is like no other. Because of this, we believe that just like Moses and Muhammad (may peace be upon them), Jesus (peace be upon him) was also a prophet. We do not believe that God had a son or that Jesus is a savior. Really think about it. If God is one and is the Almighty, it would not make sense to have a son because there can be only One. Also, in Islam, we believe that everyone is responsible for their own actions and deeds. Thus, we will have to account for them. We don't believe any of the prophets died for our sins because if they did, that would mean we can do whatever we want in this world and never have to account for anything. Thus the concept of Jesus dying for humanity's sins doesn't make sense to me. In Islam, God is One, and as a Muslim, our purpose is to worship Him, and be the best versions of ourselves in hopes of going to Heaven one day. 🙂 I really hope this helps, and again, I definitely think it is best to reach out to scholars since I am just sharing my journey and my humble opinion. Please feel free to reach out, as I would love to hear how it all goes. 🙂 -Michelle
      • Someone asked:
        Hey, can I be your friend? 🙂